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One Day On-Site Workshops in Presentation Training - New York City and the surrounding area

Design Simply. Speak Clearly. Move Gracefully Workshop
Simple, right? Yet many executives lack basic presenting skills, and don’t know how to handle themselves during crucial speaking events. If your employees have decisive presentations coming up, ask yourself these questions: 
  • Do your employees know an “attention-getter” from a “discussion section”? 
  • Do they drop off by the end of their presentation? 
  • Lose their train of thought? 
  • Go off message? 
  • Clutter their PowerPoint? 

Speak Clear’s Design Simply. Speak Clearly. Move Gracefully Workshop is intended to make a practical impact on your team's presentations. In one day, we will teach your employees:
  • How to structure a dynamic presentation
  • How to add interest to a speech
  • Best practices for PowerPoint
  • How to stay in the moment, and avoid distractions while presenting
  • How to articulate and project your voice
  • How to move in a graceful, comfortable way
  • How to reduce speaking anxiety
  • How to put together short, impromptu speeches, or answer questions with dexterity
Speak Clear’s workshops are hands-on and include games, exercises, and most importantly, individual attention to your employees' upcoming presentations. They will get extensive notes on their work, and video feedback. 
"I can’t recommend Jeffrey highly enough. We had Jeffrey do two workshops, one with our New York team and the other with our remote team while they were in the city for our retreat. Jeffrey did an amazing job catering to the different needs of each person in the room without making anyone feel ignored. I was especially happy to see that Jeffrey took my feedback after the first class and adapted his programming to the specific needs of our remote team. He was communicative and clear throughout the entire process. Since the workshop, several people have come up to me and commended me on my confidence and clarity when giving presentations. Thanks, Jeffrey!"
Louise Hearn, 
Sir Kensington's

"Across the board the feedback has been extremely positive with all the seminars we have had with Speak Clear. In fact, with each event we host, the level of participation increases. I am surprised by the number of positive responses we receive from our members. They truly feel that this seminar is beneficial to their public speaking ability." 
Bisila Bokoko, 
Executive Director, The Spain - U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
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