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Public Speaking, Presentation Coaching, and Accent Reduction

Customized speech coaching is a concentrated, results-oriented, and confidential way to maximize your speaking potential. Personal coaching prepares you for speaking success. For every client, we do an extensive evaluation to assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to offer you a personalized coaching plan. We can meet at your place of work, or at our New York City or central New Jersey offices.
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Here are some general coaching strategies:

Executive Speaker Development
If you have reached a position of influence within your corporation, you probably find yourself giving a good deal of speeches. Whether you are updating stockholders, managing the press at a news conference, or speaking at your company’s favorite charity event, it is important you exude confidence. To do so, your speeches need to have intention, and a personal touch. We can help you craft a concise, goal oriented, personal speech that is witty, thoughtful, and focused.

Job Interviews
We can teach you how to answer those difficult “behavioral interview” questions (“Tell me about a situation where you handled conflict between your employees?” or “Tell me about a business situation that reveled your greatest weakness?”) in a manner that utilizes storytelling, and emphasizes your core business strengths, so that you come across as personable and professional. We'll teach you how to clarify your thoughts before you speak, enunciate, use your full vocal potential, and develop a non-verbal style that is approachable and energized.

English Fluency, Accent Reduction, and Articulation
Whether you’re addressing your clients in a multi-million dollar presentation, swaying your CEO to your way of thinking, or motivating your sales force to excel, it’s crucial you get your points across with clear articulation. You want people to focus on your content, not necessarily your accent, don't you think?  Using our accent modification system, we can identify your problematic American English sounds, stress and intonation patterns, teach you how to substitute these problem sounds with the correct American English sounds, and then help you weave these changes into your conversational speech. Our accent reduction clients make very fast progress in being understood. You can be assured our work will be confidential and discreet. 

Presentation and Diplomacy Skills - Business Meetings
Do you find yourself most anxious and flustered when you have to speak in front of ten to twenty people? If you're feeling the heat in those decisive, intimate business meetings, we can help you to relax your nerves, release those shoulders, lower your voice, and structure your presentations so that you can speak with ease, confidence and clarity. We will teach you the most effective way to use PowerPoint. We can also put you on camera, if you like, so you can spot your own errors, and begin to adjust them.  If diplomatic communication is an issue, we have a three part technique we can teach you that will help you effortlessly smooth over those rough feathers, and build team efficiency.

Specialized Events
Do you need to get ready for a single, decisive occasion? Whether it’s a television interview, a stockholder meeting, a conference address, a courtroom battle, or a political speech, we can tailor a program to get you ready for the big event. You will learn to breathe effectively, project your voice, use gestures, organize your speech creatively, and stay on message. 

Voice Coaching
Do you have a high or squeaky voice? Monotone sound? Over 80% of our perception of a speaker comes from his or her non-verbal cues; their body language and the quality of their voice. A vibrant speaking style is one of the most powerful tools you own for affecting listener behavior. Company goals and revenue depend upon clear and effective voice and articulation skills. We can help you speak with a grounded, dynamic, centered sound by using Kristen Linklater's breathing and speaking exercises.

Watch Speak Clear client Kat Lazlo speak at TEDX Navesink about online feminism: 

"Jeffrey was quickly able to suggest improvements in handling both the phone and in-person interview process. His advice applied to multiple aspects, from presentation and non-verbal communication, to preparation, handling nerves, and thinking while answering clearly. Each technique helped me in making the interview a success.”
Daniel Lamblin, 
Google Software Engineer
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